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Responsive Primary Caregiving Relationship

The deep emotional connection that babies share with their primary caregivers is a crucial influence in personality development, and also forms the foundation on which a child builds future relationships. At All Aboard we ensure that your baby receives the best in care, snuggles, hugs and play their teachers and teacher assistants.

Needs Met by Individual Daily Scheduling

All babies are unique with specific individual needs. Primary needs are the focus in our infant program. All children eat and sleep on their individual schedules. All Aboard will strive to meet your infant’s needs, your family’s needs and maintain the home-school connection.

Environment Safe for Independent Exploration

All Aboard provides a safe and healthy infant environment that minimizes a child’s exposure to illness and injury. Since infants spend a good deal of time crawling on the floor, we keep the room clean and safe by maintaining a shoe-less environment. Anyone entering the room must remove their shoes or use the shoe covers we provide. Our infant rooms are carefully planned to provide a home-like, comfortable atmosphere that offers your baby numerous opportunities for safe exploration.

Learning Opportunities Rich in Language

Research has proven that a language-rich environment — where babies are surrounded by talk — is crucial to the development of both language and communication skills. At All Aboard we sing songs and nursery rhymes, read books, and talk to your baby throughout the day by narrating your baby’s every move both during playtime and even as we perform routine care, such as feeding and diapering. We tap into the innate urge to connect with people and things by linking words with motor experiences and objects to help them connect with their teachers and teacher assistants, their toys and their environment.

Low Infant/Staff Ratio

All Aboard consistently maintains a low ratio of babies to teachers and assistants. This is vital to your baby because both research and experience have shown that under these conditions, your baby’s interactions and development are optimized. Your baby will feel more comfortable and secure in her surroundings, and will experience a more positive and nurturing relationship with her caregivers.

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