All Aboard Pre-K (3s and 4s)

Learning Opportunities Rich in Language

Children will understand and communicate through words both spoken and written. At this age children enlarge their vocabulary and express themselves by participating in conversation and using language to solve problems. Children learn to make sense of the written language and begin to understand the purpose of print and how it works. They develop reading readiness skills by relating words with pictures. This successfully instills a love of reading. Storytelling at All Aboard stimulates a child’s imagination, and reading aloud ultimately leads to a lifelong love of books.


Centers activate small group activities that help develop social skills. In addition to individual attention, teachers engage the children in a variety of small group learning opportunities that encourage interaction and further enhance social development. Our center-based learning philosophy is designed to promote kindergarten readiness skills. Center time includes library and listening, computer, sensory, dramatic play, art and writing, table toys and discovery. At various times in the day, pre-kindergarteners are provided with the opportunity to choose for themselves. Not only does this empower them and build their confidence, but also allows further exploration of areas that are of particular interest.

Becoming Enthusiastic Learners

All Aboard’s curriculum encourages persistence, flexibility, inventiveness and problem solving. These form the foundation for many other positive character traits. During each activity, we use a positive redirection style of interaction and focus on providing warm, choice-based instruction and praise. By keeping the focus on the positive rather than the negative, we can build a child’s self-esteem and encourage them to be curious and motivated to learn.

Critical and Creative Thinking

In Pre-K the children are encouraged to think about pretend worlds where anything is possible. This fosters reasoning and problem-solving. Children will ask questions, make predictions and test possible solutions. They will learn to think logically by gathering and making sense of information by comparing, contrasting, sorting, classifying, counting, measuring and recognizing patterns.

Nurturing Self-Esteem

Pre-kindergarteners are provided with a wide variety of activities in which they can excel. With each successful outcome, the child gains more self-confidence and self-esteem.

Motor Development and Movement

Whether through song and dance, martial arts, yoga or playground games, children participate in a wide variety of activities in which they can jump, climb, balance, dance and skip. These gross motor activities stimulate muscle coordination, balance, rhythm and understanding of personal space.

Low Student/Staff Ratio

A low ratio of students to teachers and teacher assistants is vital to young children. Not only do they receive more individual attention and benefit from a higher level of safety, but their overall development is enhanced when they experience a closer, positive and nurturing relationship with their teachers and teacher assistants.

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