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Responsive Primary Caregiving Relationship

The deep emotional connection that toddlers develop with their primary caregivers is a crucial influence in personality development, and also forms the foundation on which they build future relationships. At All Aboard we ensure that your child receives the best in care, nurturing, comfort and play from their teachers and teacher assistants.

Environment Safe for Independent Exploration

All Aboard provides a safe and healthy environment for toddlers, which minimizes their exposure to illness and injury. Our rooms are carefully planned to encourage toddlers’ natural ability to learn through play and experimentation. Routines and interacting with others foster a toddler’s individual and social development, stimulate their senses and enhance their motor skills.

Learning Opportunities Rich in Language

Toddlers will develop receptive and expressive language by participating in conversations, enjoying books, singing songs and learning nursery rhymes. These experiences develop the foundation for reading and writing.

Developmentally Appropriate Learning Opportunities

Toddlers love to sort, play, create, jump and move. Therefore, we build learning opportunities that enhance individuality, problem solving, self regulation, persistence and engagement — all while learning and having fun. Toddlers have access to a wide variety of age-appropriate books, musical instruments, toys, puzzles and art supplies. There are also a number of individual activity centers which include sensory play, dramatic play, art, table toys, library and discovery. These materials encourage discovery and help develop skills.

Social/Emotional Growth

Toddlers are given opportunities to make friends, cooperate, and take turns. Through group and individual interactions they will learn to respond to others feelings and regulate their own behavior.

Motor Development and Movement

From song & dance to playground games, toddlers participate in a wide variety of activities where they can jump, climb, balance, dance and skip. These motor learning opportunities stimulate muscle coordination, balance, rhythm and understanding of personal space.

Low Toddler/Staff Ratio

A low ratio of toddlers to teachers and teacher assistants is vital to young children. Not only do they receive more individual attention and benefit from a higher level of safety, but their overall development is enhanced when they experience a closer, positive and nurturing relationship with their teachers and teacher assistants.

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