Infant & Toddler Programs

“The All Aboard team has been a true partner to us as we collaborated to provide a strong foundation for our children.”


At All Aboard infants will learn through exploration and discovery. Each minute of an infant’s day is a part of their curriculum.

  • Consistent primary caregiving relationship
  • Needs met by individual daily scheduling
  • Learning opportunities rich in language
  • Fine and gross motor development through enriched learning opportunities
  • Shoeless environment to ensure cleanliness

All Aboard consistently maintains a low ratio of babies to teachers and assistants. This is vital to your baby because both research and experience have shown that under these conditions, your baby’s interactions and development are optimized. Your baby will feel more comfortable and secure in her surroundings, and will experience a more positive and nurturing relationship with her caregivers.


Our toddlers will engage in a curriculum that contains learning opportunities to promote safety, security, autonomy, individuality, cooperation, and active learning.

  • Consistent primary caregiving relationship
  • A language-rich environment
  • Developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that enhance problem solving, self regulation, tolerance to frustration, and the ability to make friend
  • Fine and gross motor development through enriched learning opportunities

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